Cooking Burgers

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What you’ll learn

  • cooking burgers
  • cooking burger buns
  • cooking burger toppings
  • cooking burger sauces


  • Are you passionate about cooking your own food?
  • Are you able to use basic cooking equipment?
  • Are you passionate about good burgers?
  • Are you interested in knowing in detail what exactly is on your plate every time?
  • Then this course is definitely for you and your friends!


“Cooking Burgers” (Learn everything about cooking your own burgers from scratch: buns, patties, sauces, toppings. All in one place!) says it all from its title. This course is addressed to all those who don’t want to wait until they get to their favourite burger place and would like to create that delicious burger in the comfort of their own kitchen. You’ll find a comprehensive collection of methods and proposals of ingredients that will teach you how to prepare and cook the entire mise-en-place for your own burgers.

It starts with the classic, soft and puffy bun topped with sesame, that most of the burger lovers appreciate when reviewing their favorites. The method is split into five short videos, so that the viewer can easily understand and practice every step. And, because so many people around the world try to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, you will also find a great low-carb burger bun in the first chapter.

Homemade sauces and garnishes that are suitable for burgers are covered in the next to sections. From ketchup and barbecue to wasabi vinaigrette or spicy yogurt, from fast and easy homemade pickles and crispy onion rings to a more elaborate capers, hazelnuts and lemon butter dressing, the course will help you enlarge your own vision about everything you can prepare in advance and keep in the fridge so that they come really handy on a B-day 🙂

You’ll also discover several types of mince, each of them with their characteristics, their particularities and processes. Burger after burger, the final section will make you wish you had started a lot earlier to gather your own ingredients and create your own recipes of burgers. There are a few versions of beef burgers, but there are also chicken, lamb, fish, shrimp and mussels or a lovely halloumi cheese vegetarian burger. All packed with technical information and step-by-step cooking instructions.

“Cooking Burgers” is chef Viorel Copolovici’s fourth course published on Udemy during the last two years, two of which have gained and preserved the best seller tag. The instructor, himself a burger lover, has experimented with cooking burgers for over a decade and is also passionate about baking. In his course he is passing on that knowledge and passion to all burger lovers out there.

Who this course is for

  • Usual people that just want to know everything about cooking burgers at home.