Become a Great Baker #1: Mastering the Tarte Tatin

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What you’ll learn

  • Advance your baking career by learning a huge variety of critical recipes and sophisticated decoration skills.
  • Apply CakeNuvo’s “principle of balance” to create cakes and desserts that are true culinary masterpieces.
  • Create many kinds of Tart Tatins, leveraging exciting, modern and intriguing designs and presentations.
  • Use various fruits to make Tarte Tatins including apples, pears, bananas, pineapples and peaches.
  • Assemble the Tarte Tatin as a large tart or as an individual dessert, as well as in different shapes.
  • Use critical baking methods to ensure your Tarts always turns out delicious and looks gorgeous.
  • Caramelize fruits to perfection consistently and efficiently.
  • Customize the Tarte Tatin recipes to match any taste, and add surprising, bold and unexpected flavors using various spices.
  • Serve the Tarte Tatin as sophisticated fine-dining style plated desserts, with 4 stunning designs to choose from.
  • Create 5 amazing presentations of large Tarte Tatin.
  • Create 6 kinds of unique and delicious decorations for the Tartes.
  • Work with caramel and isomalt to create attractive sugar decorations.
  • Work with puff pastry to make incredibly yummy palmier cookies and flavored twists.
  • Work with Tuile batter to create crunchy cookies in many shapes.


  • No previous baking or cake decoration experience is necessary
  • Some basic baking utensils such as cake pans and a rolling pin are required
  • For some of the decorations you’ll need a stencil and silicone mat – can be purchased through the class store


Learn how to make amazing Tarte Tatins in any size, shape and flavor, using many kinds of fruits and spices. Explore how to adorn and decorate them using sugar decorations, Tuile cookies, puff pastry treats and fresh fruits. Developed by award-winning pastry chef Irit Ishai, this course is your ultimate step-by-step guide to creating tarts and desserts that never fail to impress.

In the course you’ll learn how to make all of the recipes and decorations from scratch using inexpensive tools and fairly simple techniques. Master the art of making sophisticated sugar decorations using caramel and isomlat, and discover how to create yummy puff pastry treats, such as flavored twists and irresistible palmier cookies.

Toward the end of the course you’ll get a detailed step-by-step demonstration of plating and serving these amazing edible creations as large tarts or individual desserts, using many serving and plating ideas that will surely wow your guests. Working on these culinary masterpieces will advance your skills and help you with many of your baking and decoration projects.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone interested in a serious baking and cake decoration career
  • Beginner bakers who want to bake amazing Tarte Tatins using many kind of fruits
  • Intermediate bakers who want to learn a huge variety of important recipes and sophisticated decoration skills
  • Bakery and pastry shop owners who want to add fantastic large tarts and personal desserts to their offering
  • Professional pastry chefs who want to add sophisticated plated desserts to their menus
  • Anyone who loves the Tarte Tatin and would like to be able to make it at home

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