Baking With a Portable, Wood Fired Dutch Oven

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What you’ll learn

  • Construct an insulated board base for the hearth.
  • Assemble a portable hearth using the board base and refractory bricks.
  • Choose the right cast iron Dutch oven to complete the portable wood-fired oven.
  • Build, light and control the appropriate fire for baking pizza or bread.
  • Take your portable wood-fired oven to the shore, the hills, the river or your own backyard.
  • Bake without leaving a trace on the environment.
  • Make professional bread and pizza dough and bake them both to perfection.
  • Use your Dutch oven to bake brilliant breads and pizzas in your domestic electric oven too!


  • You will need basic carpentry skills.
  • Tools required: a power screwdriver, a saw and a tape measure.
  • Basic materials: vermiculite board, wood, refractory bricks.
  • Basic equipment: cast iron pot with lid (Dutch oven), baker’s peel,


This course will turn your ideas about Dutch ovens upside down. Dust off that heavy old pot and turn it into a mobile wood fired oven for baking breads, pizzas and other dishes outdoors.  This course shows you how to make an insulated oven base that takes up very little room, so you can assemble your portable oven and light your cooking fire in the tiniest backyard, on the wildest beach, or at your favourite campsite. 

Who this course is for

  • Anyone who would love to bake in a wood fired oven, but doesn’t have the budget/time/skills/space to build a full-scale one.
  • Anyone who loves cooking outdoors, with a wood fire.
  • Anyone with a sense of adventure!