Yibbia harmonises employee relationships through sharing of skills and knowledge in an aspiring, fun  and revolutionary approach.


User Profile

Yibbia offers robust user profiles so your employees can see which courses they can access, their progress, quiz performance, and print any earned certificates. As the admin, you can quickly and easily manage your users.

  • Enroll and un-enroll any user.
  • Re-print certificates
  • Manage points.
  • Delete course data.
  • Modify usesrname, email, password, and more.
  • Mark and un-mark courses, lessons, and quizzes as complete.

Group Management

Organize your employees any way you wish by placing them into Yibbia Groups. Once in a group, you can manage their progress and performance.

Yibbia Groups is a great way to mass-enroll users into courses and to make sure that they are all on the same drip-feed schedule for the content. You can also pull group related reports so you always know how they are performing. 

Detailed Reporting

Yibbia reporting captures all the details you care about on your employees and their deliverables. Popular reports include:

  • Course Progress
  • View a employee’s courses and their progress in each one.
  • Quiz Performance
  • Track employees quiz attempts, if they passed, and their score.
  • Time on Course.
  • Track how long an employee has spent on a course.
  • Live Activity Stream.
  • See how employees are interacting with your course content in real-time.
  • Progress Breakdown.
  • Graphical representation of exactly how far along employees are in a particular course.
  • Pending Approval.
  • Queue of the assignments and essays requiring your attention.

Course Builder

Yibbia’s drag & drop Course Builder allows you to easily create multi-layer courses. You re-use your content, making it easy for you to spin-up courses! You can rename the labels to anything you wish. 

Focus Mode

Give your employees an experience like no other with Yibbia’s Focus Mode, a dedicated virtual learning environment.

Yibbia’s Focus Mode eliminates distractions and let your content shine – helping to increase learner retention and completion rates!

Course Prerequisites and Points

Determine lessons your employees need to complete prior to moving up another level. You can also create point / credit system to rank learners performances.

Content Media Freedom

With Yibbia, you can use literally any type of media for course content, including:

  • Images
  • Videos (hosted in Yibbia, or on platforms like YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Audio files
  • SWF files
  • And more!

Email Notifications

Communicating with learners as a group leader is a breeze with Yibbia’s email notifications.

  • Email learners of a particular course or status.
  • Configure automatic emails based on activities.
  • Set-up reminder notifications when a new lesson is available, a course is about to expire, or if the learner has not logged in for a few days.

Advanced Quizzing

Using Yibbia you can choose from eight different question types with the options you need to customize the quizzing experience.

  • Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Sorting, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, and Essay questions all supported.
  • Display custom messages based on quiz performance.
  • Enforce Quiz timers and use Question Banks.
  • Select any type of media in both the questions and answers options.

Certificate and Badges

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both! Certificates can be 100% customized and support dynamic data generation, including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Course or Quiz Name
  • Date Stamps
  • Quiz Score
  • Avg. Score of All Quizzes
  • And Much More!

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible experience to your team.