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Training, Coaching and Shadow Learning. Knowledge, skills and experience transfer between individuals.

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Transfer existing Zoom, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook and Google classroom contents into YIBBIA and re-monetize for new learners.









YiBBIA covers all stakeholders need to Streamline your training operation



Group Leaders

Finance Administrator

Management Team

Management Team

Instructors / Coach

Group Leaders

Students / Learners

add existing and new users into groups or as individuals course access

Collect Payments

Collect payment through VIsa/Mastercard or direct bank transfer in one off or on monthly basis.
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Sell Courses

Sell courses from your website, collect payment and automatically allow access to course materials.

Group Access

Create group leaders for parents or client to monitor, manage and communicate directly with their members.

Free Courses Open to public

Create free 'open access' sample course to public for them to try out before they make make payments.

Course Open to members only

Encourage public to register as a free member with their email and contact to access 'member only' free courses.
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Auto-award Points and Custom Certificates

Award points and certificates after quiz, assignment, essay or course completion.

Unlock Course by date

Allow users to access certain modules on a specific date or access after 'x' number of days after course enrollment.

set prerequisites for courses

Restrict users from assessing courses based on credit points earned or successful completion of other course.

Add more courses for free

Invite other trainers to sell their course from your website, allocate and manage commission payment automatically.

user management, interaction & response automated system

Auto response emails

Automated emails between users, administrator, instructors and group manger when a user register,make payments, receive receipts, enroll into a course, submit quiz and assignments.

in-depth financial report

View, save, repost and analyze fee payments, due payments, top selling courses, top ranking instructors, top selling add-on materials and generate monthly or annual sales comparison.

Course progress analytics

Provide high level and in-depth learners progress to group leaders and instructors with just one-click summary in an interactive, colorful and chart based live report. Reports can also be exported.

Simple Administrator and Instructor interface

Easy to use and understand interface with minimal buttons.

Quiz and Assignments

Automatically correct quiz, award points and certificates for assignments and essay submission.


Set access and expiry timers for course, quiz, number or retrials allowed after failing a quiz.

engage users by deploying variety of training methods

General Training



Shadow learning

Quantify learners productivity

Light Bulb Ideas Creative Diagram Concept

Group Learning

Upload contents from your devises and other source as your teaching materials

Video and Audio

Zoom, Youtube, Google Classroom, Whatsapp Videos, Mp4 from any source and Mp3.


Powerpoint, Microsoft Words, Microsoft Projects, Keynote, PDF and scanned documents.

Images and Charts

Add static or animated images and charts from all known format to visualise abstract concepts.

Quizzes, Assignments & Essays

Add interactive quiz questions and answers with automated correction, assignments and essays.

Sell Downloadable Materials

Directly sell more training materials as E-books, your notes, exam questions or physical books directly from your course.
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Add On + Gamification

Provide batches and medals along with points to easily categorize and motivate learners.

clean and modern designed learners interface

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User's Dashboard

Clean and in-depth layout with course progress status, accumulated points, certificates and quiz / exam results.
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The Course Page

Displays lessons, topics, quizzes, course progress status, content layout with table, text, images or videos.
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Course Pverview View

Access to instructor's personal home page for other courses and products published by the same instructor.

Course Template

Ready made course structure template reduces instructors time beautifying their course visual appearance.

Videos Only Course

Instructors have the option to only use videos as their course materials and external links for reference materials. This shorten the time and reduces the effort in composing texts, images or charts within a course.

Course Template

Ready made course structure template reduces instructors time beautifying their course visual appearance.

comprehensive group management

Group Overview

A quick summary on the number of group members, courses in a group, submitted and pending assignments and essays.

Group Members

Leaders can access detailed reports for each members, including time spent in a course, lesson, topic and quiz. Group leader have the ability to email their members directly from their dashboard.

Simplified Reporting

Leaders can generate detailed report for a specific group, course, particular member or course progress status.

Graphical Representation

View overall group interaction towards all courses within the group.

Group Progress

Detailed reporting on each members progress within all courses or a specific course.

Detailed Online Activity Report

Group leader can monitor last log in time, log in duration and activities for each member throughout that period.

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We are proud of our work Expert user reviews

Yibbia E-Learning system made it easy for us to conduct our trainings online in an automated fashion.

Jonathan Morgan

Fire Safe Training

I am happy with the depth-in functionality and reliability of Yibbia.

Alexander Rodriguez


In just few days, we have the entire system running within our website.

Marcus Archibald

Aviation Dangerous Goods

I like Yibbia's capability to add, manage and pay commissions to affiliate instructors.

William D. Reeves

Executive ECG Education

I don't have to go through the hassle of designing the functionality I would bee needing in an E-Learning system, everything is there in Yibbia.

Gregory R. Chroma


The system is easy to use and reliable, what more can I ask for.

Bailey Baker

Research Animal Training

I love the auto-notification, enrollments, payment update and sales analytics in Yibbia. My training business can run by itself.

Elizabeth Jonah

Perfect My Music

I am happy with the support team at Yibbia, they are always there for us.

Filla F. Coleman

Filla & Rilla

The system is perfect for all of our academia needs. I'm impress and our students feels like they are in a physical classroom with this system.

Henry Suffolk

My Study Series

Yibbia grows your Business.

“Let your business work for you, not you work for your business”

Frequently asked questions FAQ

The simple answer is ‘No’. If you buy the system, which means if you purchase any of these packages here, we will build the whole system under your domain and give you full control over your sales revenue. There will be no deduction from your earnings by Yibbia, but you might face some deduction from the withdrawal method that you use. So for example, if you use Paypal to withdraw your funds into your bank account, Paypal is going to charge some service fee on it, same goes with your bank.

If you use Yibbia’s free package instead, your courses will remain on Yibbia’s domain. In this case, if you get students to join your classes for free, then you can have unlimited number of students. But if you set up paid courses using Yibbia’s free package, you can only sell the course to the first 30 students for free. Yibbia will charge a 30% fee per sale from your 31st sale onwards per course. So if you have an audience larger than 30 students per class, it would actually mean you are ready to upgrade to our Startup plan and have your own website with your personal branding. Furthermore,  you don’t have to pay any service fee per sale beyond your first 30 students per course.

Absolutely! If you already have a website for your business and you want to maintain it, Yibbia can become an extension to your existing website. We will build the entire system for you, transfer it to your domain, and link it to your current website through a button on your site.

Building Yibbia on your existing hosting comes with an extra charge.

However, if you choose to host with us, there will be no additional fee beyond the RM1,500.00 Startup plan or the RM5,000.00 Academy plan.

Yibbia integrates with Zoom, so you’ll run your live class on Zoom, and your students will be able to join and attend it on your website that we’ll build for you.

The website yibbia.com offers full time chat support. You can start the chat by clicking on the small round icon on the bottom right of the window.

We also offer full time free support through email. You can reach out to us at support@yibbia.com or sales@yibbia.com. We do respond to each and every email.

We also offer personalized training sessions, depending on the package you purchase.

The answer is ‘Yes’. We are flexible in our payment schedules. Just write to us at sales@yibbia.com and we’ll structure a payment scheme with you.

Join our mastermind group to gain access to thoughts and ideas from like-minded professionals in democratising online learning through custom-made solutions for niche markets. You can also contact us to register your domain of interest for discussion.